Natural Stone vs. Solid Surface

Extreme Heat and Cold

Granite is unaffected by temperature extremes. Will not burn or mar by hot pans or utensils. Solid Surface may mar or burn when extreme heat occurs, extreme cold may initiate cracks.

Scratch Resistance

Granite will not scratch under normal bar top and kitchen counter use. Solid Surface will scratch under normal countertop conditions and requires regular maintenance to remove scratches and maintain its original appearance.


Granite has a high polish that will not deteriorate. Solid Surface is offered only in a non-reflective satin finish.


Granite requires special tools and trained craftsmen to process. Solid Surface can be fabricated with the same tools and skills as one uses to fabricate wood.


Granite counter tops are fabricated from natural stone, no two will ever look alike. Granite offers an appearance that can not be replicated by man. Solid Surface is a controlled, consistent and uniform material that cannot accurately replicate natural stone.


Granite is very comperable to Solid Surface and can vary in price up or down depending on stone and labor items selected. Solid Surface, depending on type selected, can range widely in price.


Granite, for the most part, is a very maintenance free stone. A simple to apply sealer can be used if desired. Granite can withstand exposure to non-abrasive household cleaners. Solid Surface can burn when hot pans or cigarettes come in contact. Scratches occur during regular use and removed with sandpaper. Abrasive cleaners will scratch.